27 October 2014

I've switched the original blogger comment system with a better one! It looks very nice and is fun to use. You have to register to write a comment. You only need a name, an Email and a password. But don't worry, no one is going to see your Email address. The DISQUS comment system is used by many sites now. That means with your account that you can create here, you can post a comment on another site that uses DISQUS. I show you how easy it is.

First click in that "Start the discussion" field.

Than choose your name, Email and password. and click the arrow. It's better you make that before you write your comment because the text could get lost after the registration.

That's it your done! You can now post some comments, even with videos and pictures. Just upload a file or insert the link of your choice.

After you've posted your comment, you will still see the links as text.

Just refresh the page and you will see your media.

Now don't be shy. Please try it out, write some comments. Your words motivated me every time I've read them here or on the forums. Keep that going, even if you just say hello. You can of course post some funny or sexy gifs. Have fun!

I need your help!

I'm currently looking for an experienced programmer (C++ and/or Blueprint in Unreal Engine 4) and an environment artist (modeling and UV unwrapping) for Alone With Horny Aliens! You can find the contact tab on the top of this page.

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