25 October 2014
Hey guys, long time no see! I've finally found someone who will help me making AWHA. He calls himself Dantex. That means we are Dante and Vergil now, which is awesome! His tasks will be character design and animation. We've started to design the female main character from scratch. We will not use the character that you've seen already. That one was from DAZ 3D. We want to make our own customized character that perfectly fits into the game. Great, now he only needs more free time to help me, since he got some other stuff to finish at this time.

While I am waiting for him, I am experimenting with the new light features in Unreal Engine 4.5.1.

Look at the soft shadows. That's just great. But I still don't know what the best way to lit the whole game is. I'm also not sure about the creation of the environment and UV (for textures and lightmaps). That's why I also looking for an environment artist.
So if you want to help me with that or with programming (C++ or Blueprint) than just check the contact tab on the top of the site. You will find my Email address there. I would be more than happy to find more people for AWHA. It would make the whole process faster than it is now. And well, it's slow now! But don't get me wrong, I want to make a good quality game and take my time for that. It just don't work out very well now.

I need your help!

I'm currently looking for an experienced programmer (C++ and/or Blueprint in Unreal Engine 4) and an environment artist (modeling and UV unwrapping) for Alone With Horny Aliens! You can find the contact tab on the top of this page.

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